Are You Shelf Conscious?

By Rabbi Israel RubinTorah Learning

Did you ever realize how often the shelf is a reflection of the self? Unfortunately, some people leave their shelf empty, or full of nonsense.

Actually, a shelf is for Books, And we mean BOOKS.

Not a telephone book. Not fix-it books on how to make your own shelf. Not fiction, novels and other "Bubbeh Mayses" that are not for real.

As People of the Book, we know what the real ) classics are - real Jewish books - A Chumash (five books of the Torah), a Siddur (prayerbook), and Tehillim (Psalms written by King David).

Now, let's not get too shelfish. These books are great for the whole household. Their mere presence adds to the ambience of the home - A Torah book in the house radiates Yiddishkeit and makes the whole room meaningful. A Chumash, Tehillim and Siddur make a positive statement even before the first word is read or recited.

So do yourshelf a favour. Don't leave these books lonely and forsaken in the Synagogue or Library - welcome them into your home, and keep their company.

It's a great idea, so don't just shelve it. If you don't yet have a Chumash, Siddur and Tehillim at home - go out and get it!


© Rabbi Israel Rubin