Rabbi Israel Rubin's creative relevant Torah Weekly:
The Torah Times
It's What's Happening!

This unique and creative publication is created with the creative talent and investigative research of Maimonides Students with the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Yisroel Rubin.

Maimonides School offers a unique course "Creative Torah Journalism," taught by Rabbi Rubin, editor of "The Torah Times" and a frequent contributor to Jewish publications around the world.

Rabbi Rubin began writing The Torah Times as a Rabbinical student in Brooklyn, with the blessing and enthusiastic encouragement of the Lubavitcher Rebbe to make it available for use in schools as a creative Torah study curriculum. Over the years, the original Torah Times done on typewriter have been reset, edited and greatly expanded.

Select Torah Times Editions are available via email:

click here for the The Shavuot editon

click here for the The Lag B'Omer edition

This Torah Times is based on the First Lag B'omer edition given to the Rebbe at the 1973 Lag B'Omer  parade. Note the Torah Times sign on the bottom left of 788 corner Kingston (where the Pesukim signs now hang)

Some Seasonal editions will be available online in PDF format.

From the Publisher

Dear Readers:

You may be wondering what is happening here. Did we fall into a time warp?                             Isn't it sacreligious to spoof the Torah into a newspaper?

Please be assured that you are in the right place at just the right time.

We are not just reminiscing here for old time's sake. The Torah Times is entertaining, but it is no joke. Rather than just read Torah as a once-upon-a-time story, we relive Torah events, as they happen. Torah is real, here, and NOW.

Let us not view Torah personalities as archaic characters in flowing robes. They and their concerns represent us, here and now in the Twentieth century. They are as current and contemporary as today's news.

The Torah itself does not wish to be treated as an ancient chronlicle, but as a relevant issue: The words I command you this day shall be on your heart. Torah should always be seen as new. (Rashi on the Shema)

TTT - It's what's happening!

- Rabbi Yisroel Rubin      

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