train ticket

An old Shtetl Jew was rushing to catch a train. With no time to specify his ticket preference (he usually traveled the less expensive second class) he quickly pushed his money to the teller, grabbed the ticket, and ran to the leaving train.

Once on board and settled into his seat, he noticed that his ticket was red, instead of the usual green. Looking around, he saw that all other passengers in the car also had green tickets, while he was the only exception.

"Woe to me!" he cried. "What can this red ticket mean? I am different. I'm stuck with a worthless ticket. A terrible fate awaits me now."

His heart pounded as the train conductor came down the aisle to inspect the tickets. "He will expose me. I am doomed, my end is near" he trembled, so he slid down to the floor to hide from the conductor between the seats.

The conductor saw him, and tried to pull him out from hiding. Kicking and screaming, the poor Jew tried to hide his differently colored ticket.

The conductor broke out in laughter: "My friend, you have nothing to fear. Your different ticket is actually a privileged First Class ticket. It entitles you to even better accommodations!"

Let's not be ashamed of our differences.