9/11 Memorial prayer by the Chief Rabbi Sacks of Great Britain

Almighty G‑d, we stand before you in prayer, we come together in unity and friendship to honor the September 11, 2001 victims.

That fateful day remains in our hearts and minds.

We remember those who died in the attacks, and venerate the heroism of those 343 firefighters and 72 police officers who lost their lives while saving the lives of others.

Av Harachmim, our Father of compassion,
we beseech you; shelter the souls of the dead
the graceful shadow of Your wings. Give strength
and comfort to the survivors to find fulfillment.
Give courage to those who fight terror,
and protect the innocent from danger.

Avinu Shebashamayim, who created all people in His image.
Provide wisdom to the leaders of the world to be guided with righteousness and peace.
Teach us to revere the sanctity of life, reject the evil of terror,
and recognize the danger of a world filled with violence.
Help us honor the words of the prophet Malachi
“Do we not all have one Father? Did not one G‑d create us?”

We implore you, G‑d of mercy; give us the strength and
perseverance to stay true to our moral bearings.
Be with us and direct us as we strive to make this world kinder and gentler.
Fulfill our hopes and listen to our prayers
for Moshiach, a world of justice, compassion and peace.