Studies in Pirkei Avot - Ethics of Our Fathers

The study of Pirkei Avot (Ethics of Our Fathers) welcomes us to a rich and colorful gallery of famous Talmudic Jewish sages. Pirkay Avos gives us a personal introduction to the rabbis of successive generations and their spiritual legacies.
Instead of dealing only with standard Talmudic legal rulings and Halachic axioms, the focus here is on personal matters of character, ethical values, moral issues and relationships. Each Rabbi shares with us his personal advice and counsel, reflecting his own life experiences, and his individual formula to spiritual attainment.
This purpose and direction of these essays on Pirkay Avot is to based on what we will call Talmudic Archaeology, exploring a sage's biography, geography and historic background to better appreciate his advice and counsel.

Small-Town Jewry (6:9)
"Talmudical Archaeology" unearths a new understanding of Rabbi Yosi ben Kisma's refusal to leave a city of scholars. Or did he refuse?
Pomegranates: Goodness Stuffed (4:3) Resh Lakish, highway-man turned Rabbi and his view that every person is special and worthy of spiritual protection. A study on the conclusion of Talmud tractate Chagigah.
Northway Exits 13 S-N (2:11)
The lower exit leads to Saratoga Lake, while the higher exit leads to Saratoga Springs. Examining the difference between still and flowing waters in Jewish tradition.
Firstborn Fast or Feast? (4:11)
Why do all Jewish communities insist on finding a loophole by completing a Talmud tractate and not fasting the fast of the firstborn on the eve of Passover?
Diverse & Together! (1:14)
An analysis of an interesting law connecting two of the priestly garments - the Choshen & the Ephod - sheds light on Hillel's paradox.
Hillel, Shammai and the 3 Converts (1:12-15)
Relating a story in the Talmud as background explanation to several Mishnas in the First Chapter of Avot.
City Rabbi, Country Rabbi (1:4)
The benefits of having a balance in leadership where the pairs compliment each other with their specialties and backgrounds.
The BOOKENDS of Pirkei Avot
Understanding Rabbi Chananya Ben Akashya's added intro and ending to each chapter of Pirkay Avos.
Out of Space
The Talmud often mentions the amazing miracle of the ark not taking up space in the Holy of Holies. But Pirkei Avot does not include this in the 10 miracles of the Temple
Hillel & Bnai Besaira: Paschal Offering on Shabbos (2:5)
Understanding this famous Talmudic story as an argument over Grassroots Leadership
  Warmed by the Light (2:10) & The Pesach Roast
Appreciating the warmth, aroma and atmosphere...