Chabad delivers 'Flying Challahs'
Jewish residents young and old in the region get a surprise visit from the 'Flying Challahs' in all seasons.

This past summer, Rabbi Yossi Rubin of Clifton Park Chabad started the tradition of surprising people 'randomly and lovingly' with a freshly-baked Challah, or 'Challah-gram,' as he calls it. 'You never know when your Challah might show!'

His brother, Rabbi Abba Rubin of Saratoga Springs Chabad, carries on the same bread-giving tradition among Jewish residents in the Spa city, he said.

'Challah is a traditional Jewish food for Chabbos, or the Sabbath,' Rubin said. 'Jewish food in every country was cooked in the different tradition of that place,' whether it was adding pickles or other unique ingredients.

When elderly residents are presented with Challah, the bread evokes memories of growing up in Europe, and stirs up memories of different recipes for Challah that are not heard of today, Rubin said.

A Challah presented to younger people represents 'a new beginning,' he said.

The Challah-gram helps brings people back to Jewish tradition. And in giving away the bread, the Rabbi receives something, too: 'New recipes and new ideas.'

Clifton Park Chabad, which started in September 2005, sometimes receives a request to send a Challah to someone who would appreciate it, or for a special event.

Other times, 'we surprise them,' Rubin said, and choose recipients randomly. Rubin delivers the Challah to people's homes on Friday mornings or afternoons.

Those who would like to receive a Challah, or know someone who would benefit from one, can call Rabbi Yossi Rubin at 495-0772, or send an email to [email protected] .
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