Fuel for the Body & Soul


By Mussie Rubin 

We have a body, we have a soul 

what is our purpose, what is our goal 

come along with me as we explore 

fuel for the body, soul and more

What fuels our body, what fuels are soul

don't think it's different, it's got the same goal

When we ingest our food, our body breaks it down 

Glucose to the blood cells then makes its rounds

Call it ATP or whatever you choose

It's the fuel the body uses to make it move

It fuels our every thought, Speech and act 

It gives us the energy, It is a fact

Our soul does the same With the physical things 

the sparks of holiness fuel its being

letters of the Torah, lights of the world 

Found in everything, Act as fuel

Every mitzvah that we do Energizes our soul

Do more mitzvot And we will reach our goal

We want a world of holiness Through elevating sparks 

Getting rid of the evil And lighting up the dark

Our body does this And so does our soul

Fuel the body, Fuel the soul

Fuel our school, Its really one goal!

Moshiach now!