Shalom Food Pantry

Let all who are hungry, come and eat,
  Let all in need, come and celebrate!”      - Opening of the Seder night

Shalom Food Pantries are delivering Holiday packages to Capital Region persons in need. If you wish to recommend a recipient (or to donate), please email: [email protected], or call 518 423 4103

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Shalom Kosher Food Pantry

Genesis: In the Beginning

The idea of a Kosher Food Pantry in the Capital Region arose from an observable need. For nearly thirty years, Capital Chabad has provided holiday food packages for Jewish needy and elderly immigrants in the Greater Capital -Saratoga Region. The current needs of our community have forced the pantry to broaden its scope. Northeast Kosher Food Pantry's goal is to assist and alleviate the pain of hunger in a most dignified and confidential manner.

Programs and Services:

  [email protected]

Who we help

Northeast Kosher Food Pantry has no income guidelines to determine who can receive food. All a person has to do to benefit from the food pantry is call and make a confidential appointment or come to the open pantry time. Our clients include everyone from the unemployed, to the working poor, to retirees, to those suffering from the tough economic times.

How Can You Help

- Monetary donations are also welcome and greatly appreciated. Click here for the Online Donation Form .


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