We’re Digging for the lost ark!

This isn't just a fictional movie or an archeological fantasy. It's the real thing!

On  Tisha B’av  we mourn the destruction of the Temple Jerusalem which housed the Holy Ark. We don’t just cry over the past, but dig into our history toward a better future.

We find the Lost Ark, which kept the tablets of the Ten LuchosCommandments, in Maimonides “When King Solomon built the House, and knowing it would be destroyed he built within it a place to shelter the ark below in deep obstructed passageways. Later,  King Yoshiahu commanded and hid it in a place which Solomon built."

Dig we must. But instead of digging in the Temple Mount, let's start closer to home, right here in our own backyard. Now's the time to increase charity, love of a fellow Jew and Torah study, learn about the Temple and strengthen  our faith in the righteous Moshiach. "I fully believe in the coming  of Moshiach, and even if he will  tarry, I still  eagerly await him each day!"

Wonderful ! ‘Gevaldig’! you say, but let’s call a spade a spade. People who are superficial don't dig this. How can a little  Mitzva  affect the world at large?

Each Mitzva removes some more dirt, reveals the Divine plan and shows us light at the end of the tunnel. The buried  treasure waits for us to search deep within ourselves to discover our hidden potential and redemption.

© Rabbi Israel Rubin