candle lighting 3

I am Jane's Shabbat candles

Rabbi Israel Rubin

You may remember reading all about Jane's pancreas, esophagus, and epidermis. But we are closest to Jane's heart. We are the light of her life, the spark that keeps her going.

We try to be punctual, and even come a little earlier, to be sure to be on time. We stay around for only an hour or two but that's enough to illuminate the whole week.

We are certainly a good match. Joe patiently rehearses with us, and we catch on right away, all ready and set. Jane gracefully reaches out to us and we're all aglow, burning with passion. She waves her hands in a loving embrace, and the house radiates with blessing, peace, and harmony. Even the most expensive chandelier can't hold a candle to us!

Shalom Aleichem! Shalom Aleichem! Shalom Aleichem!

Such ambience and welcome greeting; a heavenly presence. May it continue so next week, Amen!

When Jane was a small girl, she would invite only one of us over. But now that she's married, we've both joined the family. Every time a new baby is born, we welcome the latest -proud and tall without fear of faltering.

Fiery redheads, we can't be passive. We sway to and fro listening to the Kiddush, wax with joy and dance lightly to the lovely Shabbat melodies. The warm, moving experience melts your heart.

We are the highlight of her week, Jane's light at the end of the tunnel. Life doesn't come on a silver platter. The week rushes by in a blur and darkness sets in with its pitfalls and obstacles. We help her see the light and restore her sense of vision.

We like the feminine touch, but Jane's husband also does his part to get us ready and prepared. We're a good match. Joe patiently warms us up to our role and rehearses with us, and we catch on right away.

May Jane and her husband enjoy much blessing, a peaceful home, and nachat (pleasure) from their bright little children.

Shabbat Shalom !

© Rabbi Israel Rubin