Capital Chabad 39 year Highlights Timeline

October 1974-Lubavitcher Rebbe establishes  Capital Chabad with Rabbi Yisroel & Rochel Rubin.

“My Name is Yisroel Rubin” SUNYA Book review. Mitzva Promos: Shabbat Candle lighting Matchbook designed , Lets Go Mitzva!, Love Your Fellow As Yourself, Torah is the Real Thing! Stickers

‘75- Downtown Kosherkart, Kosher Pizza & Falafel 483 Washington Ave ('75-'89) Kleinman & Hendel Art Exhibit in Leo O’Brien Lobby across Capital

‘76- Launch Shabbos House SUNY Campus outreach

‘77- Sukka Mobile, Muchnik Art Exhibit, Russian Immigrant Thanksgiving Dinner.

‘78- Israel Booth at Plaza International festivals & Washington Park Pinksterfest

‘79-Talmud & Chassidic courses @ Communal High, “We Never Lost it!” anti missionary Campaign. Leible & Elisheva Morrison start Troy Lubavitch Center. Laketeria. 10 Women’s Art Exhibit.

‘80 –Troy Mikva Built. L'Chaim Club @Albany Medical Center. Start Yetta Leifer Hospital Flower Fund.

‘81- Begin Akiva & Gan Israel Day Camps, Megama Concert @ JCC.

‘82- Commerce Plaza office study & Minyan. Annual Jewish Art Calendar Debut

‘83- Midwinter Women's convention, "Fiddler on the Mall" Festival.

‘84 - Empire State Plaza "Mazal Tov!" Festival. “Hamantology” Purim Promo

‘85- Rabbi Nachman & Clara Simon start Delmar Chabad. Tu Bishvat @ Capital

‘86- Yeshiva-for-a-week, Kosher promos in local supermarkets.

‘87- Madison Theatre Bikel concert. Lag B’omer @ Hoffman Playland Dr. Fred Rosner lecture on Maimonides at Desmond Inn.

‘88- “Lights” Publications, Menorah @ Capital.

‘89- Troy Yeshiva. Chanukah Menorah Parade. Celebration at Boys Club

‘90- Int’l Sukka @ Colonie PC, Ladies First! Women’s Org., Holiday Publications

‘91- Leibel’s Lighthouse, Klezmer Cruise on the Hudson, Simcha children’s library.

‘92- Torah Telephone daily conferences, California Raisins Tu Bishvat Production.

‘93- Matzah bakery & Shofar Factory programs @ all Hebrew Schools.

‘94- Ninja Dreydels Chanukah Production. 50 Public Menorah displays @ malls/ centers

‘95- Lake George Summer Travelers Minyan. Purim Motorcade.

‘96- Rabbi Avraham and Nechama Laber initiate Bat Mitzvah Club & Jewish Girls Retreat.

‘97- Shofar Factory @ Camp Shalom. Build Sports Sukka @ Cooperstown.

‘98- Purim @ Capitol, Bnai Brith & Ohav Shalom Seniors Holiday programs

‘99-Co-sponsored ‘Partners in Torah’ with CBAJ; Adult education series

‘00- Turn of Century Dreydels. Pirkay Avot Institute. Albany Hagaddah, Dr. O’Brien Memorial Torah @ Shabbos House and “Examined Life” Book.

‘01-Hebrew schools Purim Bus, Aronson Trust establishes Saratoga Chabad Center

‘02- Aronson Torah Scroll, Shabbos House Student Center plans Expansion

‘04- Rabbi Shimon & Liba Andrusier establish Friendship Circle, Dr. Laz Musical band @ Skidmore, Congress Park Shalom Festival

‘05- Communal Lag B'Omer Celebration at Hoffman's

’06 Rabbi Yossi and Leyee Rubin establish Clifton Park Chabad, Thruway Traveler services, Nanotechnology outreach

’07 Chabad at Union College, “El Bnay” High Holiday and Passover Talmudic Journals

’08 Talmudic Hirhurei Torah Publication,

’09 New Shabbos House dedicated

‘11 Rabbi Zalman and Chanie Simon join Bethlehem Chabad and Chabad Hebrew School

‘12 Rabbi Mendy and Devorah Leah open University Heights Chabad Student and Hospitality Center near Albany Medical Center


We published Fifty editions of the dynamic, entertaining and informative Holiday Guide Newspapers (now syndicated nationwide), including the acclaimed “Titanic Torah,” “Harry Potter & the Jews,” “The King and I,” “O Jerusalem” and “Psalm in a Palm.” Other publications include the creative weekly “Torah Times” on the Torah portions, The Albany Haggadah, “Blossoms’” on Pirkay Avot, The “Lights“ magazine, the Chabad Digest, and several pocket-sized Tanya editions.

Fairs, Concerts & Shows!

Chabad sponsored the 1983 communal “Fiddler on the Mall” and the 1984 “Mazal Tov” Festivals at the Empire State Plaza, and the Judaica booths at Washington Park’s Pinksterfest and the Israel Booth at the International Festivals. Many still remember “The Megama Duo” at the AJCC, Theodore Bikel at the Madison Theater, the Montreal Choir with Mirele Rosenberger at Albany Girls Academy, the Sephardic Music Festival in Congress Park, “The Shabbatones” musical band, the Hudson River “Klezmer Cruise,” “Uncle Moshe & the Mitzvah Men,” “The Small Wonder Puppet Theatre” at Ohav Shalom,“The Freeman Family” at UAlbany Campus Center, and Comedians Weiner & Russel.

Classes and Seminars!

In addition to regular weekly classes & learning opportunities, we reached out to broader audiences through the Sunday morning “Shema Yisroel” Radio Program on WABY and WHRL, “My Name is Asher Lev” Book Review at UAlbany, Communal High Yiddish Classes, Chassidic Perspective at Hadassah and Bnai Brith Gideon Lodge, & Temple Israel Men’s Club. We hosted the 1983 Midwinter International Lubavitch Women’s Convention, Beth TephilaTechelet Research Seminar, Maimonides Symposium with NYS Health Commissioner Dr. David Axelrod and author Dr. Fred Rosner at the Desmond, Yeshiva-for-a-Week, Retreats at Lake George’s Blue Water Manor, The Troy Yeshiva, and the ongoing “Live ‘n Learn” Communal Learning series.

Jewish Atmosphere and Ambiance!

Chabad’s downtown Kosher-Kart grew into “Kosher Pizza” on Washington Ave and “Noah’s Ark Coffeehouse” offered Kosher food, lively Jewish entertainment and wholesome ambiance.

Youth Camps and Workshops!

Akiva and Gan Israel Day Camps, Saratoga Girls Winter Camp, Bat-Mitzvah Club & Camp, Tzivos Hashem Rallies. Shofar Factory, Chanukah Olive Oil Press, Model Matzah Bakery, Challah Baking & Velvet Covers at all area Hebrew Schools.

Campus Outreach!

Shabbos House opened in 1975 on Fuller Road to serve Jewish students at the University at Albany. Due to its growing popularity with students of all backgrounds, it is now in midst of a major building campaign for a new, bigger & better Shabbos House facility. Troy Lubavitch Center is active at RPI, and Saratoga Chabad reaches out to Skidmore students.

Creative Mitzvah Promotions!

These include the popular: Bart Simpson Shofar Message, Tu Bishvat Pacman & The California Raisins, The Ninja Dreidels, “Turn of the Century” Dreidels, Honey Prescription Bottles, Bookmarks, Tefillin Mirrors, TGIS Shabbat Candle-lighting Matchbooks, “Enjoy Torah” stickers, Coke Can Pushkas, and the “We Never Lost It!” Campaign.

Holiday Awareness and Experiences!

CHANUKAH Displays & Boutiques at the South Mall Concourse, Crossgates Mall, Wilton Mall, Albany & Troy City Halls, Menorah at the Capital, Latketeria and Hot Latke Table, and the children’s Chanukah Experience at the NYS Museum. TU BISHVAT Fruit Receptions at the Legislature, PURIM Megillah readings and parties, the PYX Purim Bus, and the UnitedPurim Service Mishloach Manot Delivery, PASSOVER Public Seders LAG B’OMER Bonfire BBQs in Galway and Altamont. SUKKOT at Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame, Sukkahmobiles and the International Colonie Price Chopper Sukkah sharing the holiday joy and spirit with all.

Senior Programs!

Chabad also serves Daughters of Sarah Senior Community, Ohav Shalom Senior Residence, B’nai Brith Parkview Apartments, and the Yetta Leifer flowers visitations at area hospitals


All Chabad Centers host, locals & visiting travelers as Shabbos Guests. The Lake George Minyan welcomes 100’s of summer tourists.


1) Publications: 100+ Holiday Awareness magazine issues & Annual Art Calendar mailed to 6,000 homes.

2) Fairs & Concerts: '83-84 Empire Plaza "Fiddler on Mall" & '84 "Mazal Tov" Festivals. Israel Booth @ Int’l festivals, Washington/Congress Park Shalom Festivals. ’84 Small Wonder Puppets, ’86 Theo Bikel @ Madison Theatre.

3) Kosher/cultural: '75 Downtown Kosherkart ('75-'89) Wash. Ave. Kosher Pizza. ’80-85 Noah's Ark Coffeehouse, Sukkah @Cooperstown, Colonie Plaza Open Sukkah, Sukkamobiles at JCC, Bnai Brith and Ohav Shalom.

4) Classes /Seminars: Pirkay Avot Institute, Albany Hagaddah, Talmud & Tanya study groups,'83 Midwinter Women's Convention, ’87 Yeshiva-for-a -Week, ’88-89 Troy Yeshiva, Live n' Learn series & seasonal Farbrengens.

5) Campus Outreach: ’76 Shabbos House @ SUNY.

6) Youth: Gan Israel & Akiva Day Camps, Teen clubs, Hebrew School Shofar factory, Challa Braiding, Olive Oil Press and Matza Bakery workshops.

7) Creative Promos: 200,000 Identity stickers, balloons, Shabbat candle Matchbooks, buttons, magnets, etc.

8) Hospitality: Weekly Shabbat dinners, Medical patients families, NY/NE Travelers info map and Lake George Summer Minyans.