Mezuzah 3

Don’t Judge A Mezuza By Its Cover

As we stand at the threshold of a New Year, it is time we take a good look inside the Mezuza on our doors. This is when we prepare for Rosh Hashanah with soul searching and introspection, with good deeds and Mitzvos.

The Mezuza appears as a rectangular case or tube affixed to the doorpost of the Jewish home. The outer cover can be made of plastic, wood or metal, and can be designed in any shape, style and color.

But let's not be superficial. The cover may be nice and attractive— but it is not essential. It's what’s inside that counts.

Inside the cover is a small scroll inscribed with ancient Hebrew Letters. They comprise two paragraphs of the "Sherna Yisrael” which contain the essence of Judaism, the belief in One G‑d and the love and observance of His Commandments, "Hear O Israel The L-rd Our G‑d, the L-rd is One.. And You shaft love..." These famous words are meticulously handwritten on parchment—the Kosher Mezuza.

These lofty and complex thoughts are wrapped up so neatly in the Mezuza. Instead of remaining vague and intangible feelings, these concepts are nailed down in specific Mitzvos—one of which is the Mezuza.

The Mezuza helps keep us posted It makes us aware of our Torah and heritage in all our comings and goings—and in a very upfront manner. The Mezuza provides us with a sense of peace and security—a beautiful expression of Jewish life and thought.

Kosher Mezuza scrolls and a selection of fine crafted Mezuza covers are available at the Mitzvah Center info: 496-0011.

 © Rabbi Israel Rubin