Thank-You-Helpers-Web-Banner.jpgCommunal Lag B'Omer Celebration 

The theme of this celebration Saluting our Helpers

as Lag B’omer celebrates love of our fellow and unity. 

Join the 518 Parade on Lag Bomer Tuesday March 12 to thank all the helpers – the grocery store workers, truck drivers, first responders, health care workers and more – who are making sacrifices to support the COVID-19 coronavirus fight. The theme of this celebration is Salute our Helpers. Lag B’omer celebrates love of our fellow and unity.

As the beloved Mister Rogers famously said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” In these challenging times, the helpers are everywhere. They are the first responders, farmers, mail carriers, grocery store employees, pharmacists, factory workers, health care workers, delivery drivers, civil service employees, journalists – anyone working to keep us safe, healthy, informed and as close to our normal lives as possible. Together, let’s demonstrate our appreciation and let the helpers know how much we value their service and commitment.

Knowing that people are struggling emotionally during this difficult time, 518 Parade Saluting our Helpers is to share the message that kindness, love, patience and positivity are also highly contagious. “mitzvah goreret mitzvah” It’s a saying from Pirkei Avot. One good deed brings another good deed. Kindnesses inspire more kindnesses. Rainbows drawn in sidewalk chalk by little kids, Rainbow art in the windows COVID-19-era symbols of hope ... and  reminders of a covenant that the world will not be destroyed again.

Although stopping the spread of the coronavirus demands social distancing, what it does NOT demand is isolation from oneself or from others. Now, more than ever, we need to be here for each other offering comfort and solidarity. As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, people are coming together to help one another now more than ever. “It’s not enough to stop the spread of the coronavirus,” Rabbi Rubin emphatically declared. “We must unite the community – and the world – around the universal values of hope, loving-kindness and faith.”

Lag BaOmer, the 33rd day of the Omer count—this year, May 12,—is a festive day on the Jewish calendar
Rabbi Akiva stated "You shall love your neighbor as yourself' this is the great principle of the Torah.
Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai introduced into the world a special light via his mystical teachings. This was especially true on the day of his passing, Lag BaOmer, when he revealed to his disciples secrets of the Torah whose profundity and intensity the world had yet to experience. Rainbows first appeared after Noah’s flood, when G‑d promised to never again devastate the world. When people are deserving of punishment, G‑d sends a rainbow instead. Rabbi Shimon’s merit protected the world, rendering the rainbow superfluous. 

Co-sponsored by Capital Chabad, Jewish Federation of NENY

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