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Hebrew School

Hebrew School

Clifton Park Chabad
Educate your child... Educate a generation!

CHS Registration Is Now Open!


*Friendly, fun teachers

*Affordable tuition

*Fun, hands-on lessons

*No membership required

*Scholarships available

*Girls and Boys age 4+



More about our Hebrew School

Imagine a Hebrew School where kids don't want to miss a day.

"My son began attending Hebrew school this year. There have been so many wonderful benefits to this program! In addition to learning about the holidays, he is beginning to recognize the Hebrew alphabet and words. He enjoys playing fun games, tasting new and traditional foods, and interacting with other Jewish children. " -Danielle
"My son and I are enriched by the amazing and innovative ways he islearning and practicing Judaism. Each year we learn more about theholidays. Just as breathing is essential to life, our lives are essential to Torah. I'm excited for this new year to see how much he learns and to see his growth. At Chabad it is more than just Hebrew School. Parents develop friendships, students make new friends and closer bonds arenurtured. Chabad truly offers a family atmosphere. The year is filled with hands on activities, play time, learning centers, cooking, tasting holiday foods and much more. Come join us!" –Alyla